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23 Feb

Embrace Your Authentic Personal Style

Authentic Personal Style

Authentic Personal Style: The Power Of Presence In Your Personal Brand


We love fashion and the addictive nature of  watching trends morph from the runways of New York, Paris, and London to play out in our closets season after season. Fashion, by its very definition, is constantly changing: bringing us fresh inspiration. As you marvel at new trends from season to season; remember your authentic personal style should always support your personal brand: the distinct manner you speak, behave and express your style. So as trends come and go, remain true to the core of your authentic self while snagging motivation from the trends that appeal to you.  While honing personal style comes more natural to some; every brandista is charge with cultivating her own powerful and unique style. Perfecting your authentic personal style is the art of figuring out what works best for you; the cuts, colors, lengths and fits most comfortable and flattering on you.


“My  personal style is always evolving and changing with my perspectives, the place I am in my life, my environment and mood. It’s my most creative outlet to  express to the world how I’m feeling without mumbling a word.” Courtney Rhodes, @TheBrandista


While many of us wouldn’t mind looking like one of today’s most fashionable celebrities -the truth is, we’re taller, shorter, curvier, smaller, and simply have our very own best features  we should highlight. As we admire and appreciate their great style choices let’s be inspired to cultivate our own, by focusing on our bodies and the features we love most about ourselves. Yes! All of 2017 will be about saying yes to your own unique expression, likes, and style indulgences. If you love your four-year old boyfriend jeans then find as many amazing tops and accessories to switch out and rock them as much as you’d like. Nothing screams fabulous personal style more than confidence, and this year I want every brandista to grace every room she enters dripping in confidence and doing her thing! It’s our year y’all- let’s do this -like only we can.

Embracing Your Most Authentic Personal Style.


Embrace your most authentic personal style using these tips:

  • Play up your shape: pick your most adorned body part and rock ensembles that highlight it. Nothing brings attention to a beautiful -elongated neck like a fitted turtleneck or a swanky- drop- shoulder top.
  • Pay attention to your outfit proportions: go flounce and voluminous where you want to minimize attention and sleek where you welcome the eyes. A great flounce skirt with a fitted waist covers anything. For days where you feel a little bloated or a work in progress- grab a great ball skirt with a fitted top and call it a come back.
  • Hem lines define silhouettes. Decide the most flattering stop point for your hems, and either alter a few of your existing skirts and dresses to fall there. or hit your favorite boutique and grab a few you love. Highlight your beautiful calves with the hem of a curve-flattering dress hitting just below the knee- what a show off!

Embrace your beauty, and never wish to look like someone else. No matter what- you won’t wake up in a body other than your own, so commit to loving it, and allowing it to support  you  in expressing your brilliant, stylish, and ‘rockstar’ self to the world. Be bold, be great + have fun while looking and feeling fabulous!

Courtney Rhodes

Courtney R. Rhodes is an author, brand building and marketing strategist, and speaker with a passion for style, traveling, and sharing interesting and informative content. She is founder of The Brandista Guide + www.CourtneyRRhodes.com; a volunteer for women development and empowerment initiatives and a student of the arts, humanities, and the pursuit of happiness. Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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