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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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Author: Courtney

2 Jul

How To Create Impressive First Impressions

Favorable First Impressions
Build Your Personal Brand Around Impressive First Impressions   With summer in full swing and fall peaking around the corner,  it's the perfect time to sow seeds to explore new personal brand goals. As you bask in the summer's warm weather, the tranquility of beautiful beaches,  reconnecting at 'framily' dinners or the simplicity of sipping an ice-cold glass of homemade lemonade use the socializing as an opportunity to sharpen your social skills and  score impressive first impressions. Yes, pull out the cute sundresses and sunnies. Get out to socialize, network and have some fun making impressive first impressions both as practice and the real deal. Whether you're interested in exploring new career opportunities, pitching new clients, launching a business or just stepping up your brand's recognition game, using the...
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22 Jun

2 Of My Favorite Two-In-One Beauty Products For Summer

Two-in-one beauty products
I'm All About Two-In-One Beauty Products That Save Time + Money. Lately, I'm likely to find myself pressed for time.  I'm talking often, and with summer being my favorite season I'm all about finding two-in-one beauty products that'll spare me as much time to enjoy the outdoors as possible. Chicago summers are amazing, my only complaint is they come and go in the blink of an eye. With that, I've found myself simplifying my daily beauty routine. Having learned years, or perhaps decades ago, the absolute secret for feeling good is looking good. For me, looking good begins with my skin looking vibrant and feeling hydrated.  Great hydration within our skin does several things. First, it helps the toxins and congestion have access to the necessary...
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9 May

The Best Is Yet To Come

The best is yet to come
Yes, The Best Is Yet To Come! Wow brandistas, 2017 is blazing by but the best is yet to come. I welcomed the year with a clear mind and open heart. I accepted  great things were on the horizon and the best of life was within reach.  The best of: experiences, relationships, career success and most importantly our own beliefs we carry about ourselves. Time appears to be on fast forward since January 1st, and there are no signs of slow motion in the near future. Meanwhile,  before I go further into my thoughts on staying focus, and being committed to our goals for this year and your life; I'd like to reflect back upon 2016. Something interesting transpired with me the later...
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20 Apr

How To Keep Your Skin Happy

Your Skin
When Your Skin Isn't Having It. Today some uninvited guests  just decided to show up. Two perfectly round, red and rather irritating pimples just popped themselves up on the right  side of my noise.  Arghh! While I know that may not be a big deal for some, it annoys me. Granted the pimples aren't anything a little concealer can't cover up. I've learned that the condition of your skin is a direct correlation to what's happening inside. And for me, pimples represent one of two things. Either, I've enjoyed too much carbonated drinks, or I've allowed stress to creep into my life. Given I'm not on a soda kick right now, I know the culprit is stress. During the final stage of wrapping...
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6 Mar

Personal Branding Basics

Personal Branding Basics
Personal Branding Basics: Your Communication Foundation.   We all have the power of the Internet and our digital platforms to help us leverage our personal brands, businesses, blogs, and books  more than ever before.  Once you identify who your ideal reader or client is, think of someone you already know that exemplifies their persona. If it's a single mom, who works full-time, and runs her blog part-time, think of someone you know that fits her description. Consider what she looks like, where does she live, what type of information is she in search of? Now, that of messages that you can send from your website, or social media platforms that appeal to her needs.  This tactic allows you to strategically emotionally appeal and...
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23 Feb

Embrace Your Authentic Personal Style

Authentic Personal Style
Authentic Personal Style: The Power Of Presence In Your Personal Brand   We love fashion and the addictive nature of  watching trends morph from the runways of New York, Paris, and London to play out in our closets season after season. Fashion, by its very definition, is constantly changing: bringing us fresh inspiration. As you marvel at new trends from season to season; remember your authentic personal style should always support your personal brand: the distinct manner you speak, behave and express your style. So as trends come and go, remain true to the core of your authentic self while snagging motivation from the trends that appeal to you.  While honing personal style comes more natural to some; every brandista is charge with cultivating...
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3 Feb

My Super Bowl Looks: Black+ Gray Strong

Super Bowl Looks
Time To Talk Super Bowl Looks.   I have my Super Bowl looks on deck, and I'm hype for Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas going down between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in just two days.  As a football fan, Super Bowl and its celebratory events are fun, fashion- forward occasions I look forward to attending every year. Touching down yesterday afternoon, I could sense a heightened aura of excitement throughout Houston. People were already out  in their groups, bumping music, and  full of enthusiasm. After grabbing a rental car and checking in at the Westin Oaks around 6:30ish, casually dressed in a pair of green cargo pants and a fitted black tee, I headed over to  a quaint dinner  with my hubby at...
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17 Jan

First Lady Michelle Obama: Brandspiration

First Lady Michelle Obama
The One & Only First Lady Michelle Obama. I'm forced to transform my own dismal emotion regarding the departure of First Lady Michelle Obama from the White House, along with the positive, promising, and inspiring narratives and images I became accustomed to seeing associated with her.  Whether standing beside President Barack Obama supporting his efforts, mothering Sasha or Malia, or working diligently on her platform to educate and empower girls, promote physical fitness for children, or tackle gun violence: she nailed it. As she eloquently fulfilled her duties as mom, wife, and first lady. Our First Lady, is and has exemplified first class every day for the last eight years. Her legacy will be nothing short of extraordinary, legendary, and game-changing for decades to come. With that, we're forced...
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12 Jan

Powerful Daily Affirmations

Powerful daily affirmations
Use Daily Affirmations To Chase Your Dreams! We've kicked off 2017 and I'm serious about my daily affirmations and claiming 2017 to be our best year yet.  With an unwavering commitment to living and being my best self, and challenging you to do the same. I've created new daily affirmations and I would love for you to join me, really what do you have to lose? We've all read the research and know that the feelings we carry around and the thoughts that occupy our minds work in tandem to create the lives that unfold for us. Wow- think about what that really means. We have the biggest impact on the way our lives will unfold. And our thoughts and beliefs...
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8 Jan

Marketing Your Personal Brand In 2017

Marketing Your Personal Brand
How Are You Marketing Your Personal Brand This Year? There once was a time in the not so distant past where professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants could have been“invisible” without much linkage of their personal brand to the business they owned, managed, or worked for. How you were marketing your personal brand wasn't a hot topic. Those days of invisibility are passé,  and your professional development relies heavily on the awareness others in your industry have about you.   In 2017, if you’re not accessible, you aren’t competitive. Our ever-connected society requires having a relatable human, with a distinct recognizable persona a competitive advantage in today’s business landscape. Having a recognizable and valuable personal brand is the new normal for career development, almost as essential...
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