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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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Author: Ashley Blakely

7 Dec

Wellness Tips: Superfood Plan for Optimal Beauty

End Of The Year Wellness Tips & Superfood Overload! Yes, another year has passed and we are another year healthier, thanks to all the wonderful superfood choices we made in 2016! In past articles I’ve discussed different types of Superfoods: nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for our health and well-being. Superfoods are great as beauty boosters also. Consider adding these superfoods to your daily meal plan in 2017 to super charge your beauty regimen and boast your energy. Superfoods I love that promote organic beauty. Breakfast: Turkey and Spinach Omelet Beauty Benefits: Skin & Hair This is my zinc boosting breakfast choice. Turkey, spinach, and eggs all contain Zinc, which is a mineral that has many beauty benefits. Turkey helps with maintaining collagen...
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3 Oct

The Best DIY For Kissable Lips

DIY For Kissable Lips
DIY For Kissable Lips Are The Best Ones. Every brandista craves nice full, kissable lips. People going under the knife to get full kissable lips but luckily we have options. It’s no need to go quite that far. There are natural beauty tricks for any and everything we desire, including a DIY for kissable lips. Here are 3 natural beauty tricks to boost your lip game this holiday season. Plump Pout – Not born with full lips or do you just want them bigger? Well it’s no need to see the plastic surgeon, just go in the kitchen and grab the cinnamon! Cinnamon is a natural lip plumper because it mildly irritates the skin on your lips, stimulating the blood supply, which...
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16 Sep

Prepare For A Fabulous Fall: Natural Ways To Detox

Use natural ways to detox and step up your wellness game. Brandistas we know those tiny toxins are everywhere, from the foods we eat to the products we use and yes, even the air we breathe.  A build up of toxins can cause many irritating effects on your skin, think puffy eyes to dark circles, to unattractive skin breakouts and yucky- body odor. But don't fret we have a few great natural ways to detox that will have you feeling great in no time. Luckily, detoxification by the means of sweating and going to the bathroom are natural parts of our body’s daily functions.  Naturally our bodies  dump a small portion of toxins, so it’s important from time to time for brandistas...
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11 Jun

How to Meditate: Beauty from the Inside Out

Meditation is great a practice to enhance your inner and outer beauty. Brandistas, have you heard the phrase, ‘The more you mediate, the more you radiate?’ Well- it certainly reigns true for me. I'm not recommending you meditate solely for the glowing skin benefits but we can certainly count glowing as one of its numerous benefits. Our skin is one of our most visible expressions of outer beauty. To achieve beauty outwardly, it’s helpful to be healthy internally—physically and emotionally.  When you meditate it helps to improve your heart health and blood circulation, which in turn, contributes to a glowing complexion.  Meditation improves your mood, and what’s more beautiful than a radiant  smile? Plus, being emotionally stable keeps your cortisol and hormone levels at...
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9 Apr

Beauty Tips: Superfoods For The Pearly Whites

 Beauty tips after beauty tips are sharing the love superfoods! Your smile creates one of the first impressions people from about you. All brandistas want a beautiful bright smile! Now pearly whites are possible with  without sitting in a dentist chair for a bleaching procedure. Want light bright teeth? Check out these superfoods and the natural whitening effects they have on brightening up your smile. Eat up on these superfoods for pearly whites. Say Cheese! The acid left behind from foods like soda, berries, caffeine, and citrus destroys enamel allowing pigments to penetrate deep into your teeth. To keep your teeth untarnished, enjoy a piece of cheese after enjoying darker colored foods. Studies suggest that cheese has a higher pH level that neutralizes the...
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15 Mar

5 Time Saving Beauty Tips for Your Regime

Brandistas- we can all use time-saving beauty tips for our everyday beauty routine.  I absolutely adore my life as a mom,  entrepreneur, lover, friend and blogger. I'm grateful for everything I touch, and learning to balance it all is an art. Whether we’re  juggling a fabulous career, your kids schedule, or other important demands in your  life; making time to pamper yourself is a must. Most brandistas can benefit from gaining an extra 3o minutes back into her day. Yes, our beauty routines are important, and making time to pamper our bodies is an essential so give these beauty tips a try.   5 Beauty Tips To Try This Week.   Use a natural oil as shaving cream  Brandistas all over are raving about using  natural oils ( coconut, avocado, olive...
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2 Jan

Wellness Tips: Organic Beauty Is A Lifestyle Choice

Organic beauty is a lifestyle choice brandistas are making.   “Going Green”, “Eco Friendly”, “Sustainable”, “Natural” are often concepts placed in the fad category. However, with our government, corporations, and younger generations jumping on the bandwagon of a healthier,  more sustainable life, if this is a fad,  it’s not  going away anytime soon. A part of loving yourself is treating yourself to organic foods and products that nurture you and  work to balance the natural chemistry of your body.  Once you get into this lifestyle, you realize it’s just smart + Mother Nature is no one's fool.  When I realized how many things I can do with something as simple as a lemon, vinegar, and my personal favorite Coconut Oil, I was...
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3 Dec

Beauty Tips: Superfoods For Fab Skin

Beauty Tips With Superfoods Make You Beautiful + Gives You Energy. Count Me In! Between large meals, family drama, and shopping extravaganzas, the holidays can wreak havoc on your skin. Stress, hormone imbalances, sugary or salty foods, and cold weather can hinder our skin from standing a chance to shine during the holidays. Good news,  now that it is January,  you can counteract the havoc by eating superfoods! I’m an avid believer that beauty starts from the inside. I don’t mean in your heart or personality. The beauty we see on the outside is a direct correlation to the food we’re processing on the inside. Give these superfoods a try for clear skin. Superfoods Can Help You Say Goodbye to Laugh Lines, Wrinkles...
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29 Oct

Beauty Tips: Protect Your Natural Hair

There are easy ways to protect your natural hair at bedtime.   Naturals hair newbies may struggle with exactly how to protect their hair - especially at bedtime.  Having natural hair myself, there are days when I  achieve the perfect look,  then struggle to preserve my natural hair style and prevent tangles for great second hair day. Here are 3 ways brandistas with natural hair can  preserve there styles, prevent matting, and reduce damage for your natural hair: Natural Hair Grows Beautifully Protect It To Preserve It.   Satin or Silk Scarves The key to healthy hair is moisture and cotton material robs your hair of moisture. The weave of cotton fibers can cause individual stands to tangle and break. Satin or silk provide a smooth barrier that...
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23 Sep

3 Ways To Winterize Your Natural Hair

Nourish your natural hair with deeper love during colder weather. The holidays are over but the cold weather is here to  stay around another few months or so.  Nourish your locks with extra hair care during the colder climate. Pamper your hair and implement these three tips to winterize your hair care regimen. Moisturize- Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Moisture is you hairs' best friend especially during the winter months.  Our hair doesn't have the ability to grab moisture from the air as easily as it does in the warmer months.  So, it’s important to supplement the lost of moisture by applying more to your strands. Finding the proper moisture balance isn't the same for everyone, so pay attention to the perfect amount your...
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