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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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Author: Sonia Trimble

6 Nov

Flexibility Survives All Change

Remain strong through the storms of life,  you'll always flow back to the top. It's been said “Flexible trees and people survive the storms of life”. Wow-so so true! Trees that are flexible enough to bend with the toughest forces of nature tend to not break.  Similarly, people who remain pliable during the ups and downs of life don't cave in or crumble. In every facet of our life, life  reminds us that change is the only constant. Seasons change, our roles and responsibilities of our lives change and people and circumstances around us change.  Our strengths and weaknesses are prone to change. Our prized possessions and positions of power  change. Our disappointments and dark times of despair will  change. Again, the reality is the only...
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24 Oct

Put Your Best Ab’s Forward

So you want flat abs? I still laugh out loud when I see this quip of advice, “5 sets of stop eating so much crap!” Exclamation point added for personal emphasis of how intensely I’ve wanted to scream this to the top of my lungs! With a banner, a jig, and a few cartwheels. B-r-a-n-distas, like so many personal trainers, some of the most common and persistent questions I receive is “What do I do to just firm my abs?” “What do I do to just flatten my tummy?” “What do I do to just get rid of this flab in my midsection?” Although my answer is frequently frowned upon because it blasts completely past senseless shortcuts, made-up secrets, and risky magic pills—I...
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8 Jul

Fit Happens

Fit happens when you decide to do the work. As a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed that often we become so focused on the work and worry of getting through the process of getting our health and fitness in order that we don’t always stop to fully envision what reaching our goals will completely look like. Although we certainly have our ‘eyes on the prize’, we don’t always fully take in what that  victory will feel and look like in our lives—and what our true reflection of the tough days that preceded it will be like. What happens when we see incredible progress in our fitness goals? Who will we become when we succeed at doing what we never thought we’d be able to do...
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9 May


Defining BEAUTIFUL. Brandistas hearing the word beautiful makes  most of us smile. Our personal definition of beautiful is as varied as  expressions of it. Countless women aspire to be “beautiful” at any cost, and many men aspire to be with a “beautiful” woman no matter the challenge. Interestingly enough, one of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of beautiful is “generally pleasing : excellent”. EXCELLENT IS BEAUTIFUL. What an appropriate way to describe such a powerful word as beautiful. No matter what the current trends suggest, it’s ultimately realized that true beauty is a great combination of excellence from the inside out. Whether it be a friend or celebrity amongst us, we’ve all experienced  what we've considered a beautiful face or a chiseled physique that is void of a...
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20 Apr

Stress Less. Live More.

“Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.” <insert a loud laugh and a round of thunderous applause> This quip is one of my absolute favorites to date! Furthermore, it’s one of the many statements that prompts me to remind myself and every client whom I have the honor of working with that the work we do in our mind and soul is far more important than the work we do to transform our physical bodies. Stress is as detrimental to our minds as trans saturated fats are to the performance of our hearts. Anxiety is as taxing on our soul as inactivity is to the functioning of our muscles.  Kicking off 2015  with fresh aspirations for success in almost every aspect...
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27 Feb

But Only The Finest Brandistas

 “All women are created equal, but only the finest become authors.”   Wow. I had to read that one again-- with complete emphasis on a quip that seemed to grasp my attention for all the right reasons as I endeavor to empower brandistas around me while continuing to cultivate strength within my own soul. “All women are created equal, but only the finest become authors.” Having completed my first novel over a year ago, Little Miss Healthy Pants – Fit Happens, and being in the process of finishing the second one, I should be incredibly pleased to read such a ‘boosting’ one-liner. However, as I look at the implication of the actual statement behind this appealing funny, I feel compelled to ask a few questions about it. Who...
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10 Jul

Good Things Come To Brandistas Who Sweat!

We’ve all heard the axiom “Good things come to those who wait”, as we’ve been taught or even hammered on the necessity and benefits of cultivating patience. But what about this one? “Good things come to those who sweat.” Sweat? Yes brandistas, sweat. And if you’re a brandista who’s been active long enough to discover how to effectively get through a tough, sweaty workout session, perhaps you already know the truth of this seemingly simple statement.   Good things really do come from the sweaty brows, drenched hair, and soaked shirts that so many of us can become initially grossed out about. Let’s break down the “good” of sweat, it’s truly a key components in keeping our bodies healthy. S- [Skin] Our skin,...
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