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12 Jul

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand


Brand Manage Your Personal Brand + Reap Rewards.


Brandistas, you represent are as much of a brand as Victoria Secret, Starbucks or Oprah. Just like you have a perception hearing those brands, others have a perception hearing your name. It doesn’t matter the influence or niche, you bring to the table; you have things that are very authentic to you that brings value in the world. If you are employed by a corporation or run your own empire, your personal brand is how the people you interact with, or would like to interact with perceive you. Are you perceived as the strategic, account manager with leadership skills who loves volunteering with art projects;  or the pessimistic account manager, that complains often and contributes little? Are you the best entertainment attorney in your city that is difficult to work with, or third or fourth best and a pleasure to deal with?

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand For Long-term Benefits.


In 2016, think like a brand manager and you’ll reap the rewards of success. You are not just an employee to someone, you’re not an “account manager” at  Time Warner, or a ‘teacher’ at Bonner Elementary. You are not the possession of an organization, and you are not the sum of your job title or description. You are a creative, talented, educated and unique woman, you bring a great deal of value to the lives of others around you. Your job as brand manager of yourself is to highlight those things that make you special. Why? Because in the digital age that we live, work and play in, our next opportunity, or dream career could be just a click away. The essence of personal branding is being prepared when opportunity meets preparation. As brand manager of ‘brand you,’  think like a corporate brand manager.  What does your service offerings or products bring to the table that makes a difference? Put some thought into who you are, how you’re wired and what you love doing? When do you feel your best?

Challenge yourself to a sentence or two at the most. Jot down your answer and read it aloud a few times. Is it compelling, does it excite you? If it does great! Now, educate as many people in your network  and through your social platforms about it. Yes, personal branding requires you to educate people about what makes you special. Use your social media platforms, networking opportunities, speaking engagements, community efforts and anything relevant in your life to get the word out.

Get Excited To Brand Manage Your Personal Brand Now!


So, if your sentence didn’t excite you, unfortunately, it won’t excite a prospective client or the human resource director at your dream gig. But it’s never too late, give thought to imaging yourself as a brand and start investing the time to develop yourself that way. Identify the characteristics that set you apart from your competition or colleagues. Think of the things you do that makes you stand out. What would your colleagues, or clients say are your biggest and best strengths? Identify your most notable personal strength and start there.

As the brand manager of brand you, think like brand managers of the brands you love. You love the brands because you feel a connection with them, personal branding is the same way. Brand managers approach developing and marketing brands based around features and benefits. Every feature a brand provides equate to a service or products that produces an identifiable and distinguishable benefit to the  consumer or client. Personally, Nordstrom is one of the brands I love.  I may be bias having worked at a Nordstrom during college, still the branding is undoubtably, amazing. The feature of having customers receive personalized attention that goes above and beyond their competitors; translates into the benefit of customers feeling special to receive personalize shopping services with the convenience of shopping large-scale.

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand For Longterm Success.


Alright  brand manager, you are responsible for building your success and personal branding is a great platform to do so. There is no right or wrong way to educate others on what you have that is special but certainly the more people who understand and find value in your personal brand the easier success will come your way. Cheers, be the brandista you are meant to be! #PersonalBranding #PersonalBrandingTips #BrandManageYou


Courtney Rhodes

Courtney R. Rhodes is an author, brand building and marketing strategist, and speaker with a passion for style, traveling, and sharing interesting and informative content. She is founder of The Brandista Guide + www.CourtneyRRhodes.com; a volunteer for women development and empowerment initiatives and a student of the arts, humanities, and the pursuit of happiness. Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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