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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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14 Aug

August’s Street Style: An Outfit Made For Fun

Outfit Made For Fun
With positive vibes + an outfit made for fun- let's go. Saturday I woke at the crack of dawn smelling the makings of a great day.  Rolling out of bed I pondered the perfect outfit made for fun.  My to-do's were exclusive of no limit fun with myself, girlfriends and my hubby- all in one beautiful, 75 degrees Chicago summer day.  Finally, I had a full Saturday planned with no work on my schedule and I was beyond ready to get it in. Full disclaimer, I have an interesting relationship with my workout routine,  enduring phases where I'm optimistically motivated to grind out a sweat with a jog, weight training or yoga session. Other days, I'd rather do anything but see a...
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14 Jul

July’s Street Style: My Summer Uniform Pieces

My Summer Uniform
Ohh brandistas, join me in giving a warm welcome to summer 2017! I can't complain about the mild winter we've experienced in Chicago this winter, still for too long- warm weather has been a  complete NO show. With 50 degree weather in  June and rainy and gloomy days after windy and chilly ones in July, I don't know who or what kept the warm weather hostage but I'm grateful she's finally free and here!  Perhaps with the chaos happening around the world, the season wanted to add a sense of her own humor so summer played 'hard to get'.  While, I can certainly appreciate both a lil' humor and  holding out to build anticipation for a big reveal, your girl has been...
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22 Jun

2 Of My Favorite Two-In-One Beauty Products For Summer

Two-in-one beauty products
I'm All About Two-In-One Beauty Products That Save Time + Money. Lately, I'm likely to find myself pressed for time.  I'm talking often, and with summer being my favorite season I'm all about finding two-in-one beauty products that'll spare me as much time to enjoy the outdoors as possible. Chicago summers are amazing, my only complaint is they come and go in the blink of an eye. With that, I've found myself simplifying my daily beauty routine. Having learned years, or perhaps decades ago, the absolute secret for feeling good is looking good. For me, looking good begins with my skin looking vibrant and feeling hydrated.  Great hydration within our skin does several things. First, it helps the toxins and congestion have access to the necessary...
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20 Apr

How To Keep Your Skin Happy

Your Skin
When Your Skin Isn't Having It. Today some uninvited guests  just decided to show up. Two perfectly round, red and rather irritating pimples just popped themselves up on the right  side of my noise.  Arghh! While I know that may not be a big deal for some, it annoys me. Granted the pimples aren't anything a little concealer can't cover up. I've learned that the condition of your skin is a direct correlation to what's happening inside. And for me, pimples represent one of two things. Either, I've enjoyed too much carbonated drinks, or I've allowed stress to creep into my life. Given I'm not on a soda kick right now, I know the culprit is stress. During the final stage of wrapping...
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23 Feb

Embrace Your Authentic Personal Style

Authentic Personal Style
Authentic Personal Style: The Power Of Presence In Your Personal Brand   We love fashion and the addictive nature of  watching trends morph from the runways of New York, Paris, and London to play out in our closets season after season. Fashion, by its very definition, is constantly changing: bringing us fresh inspiration. As you marvel at new trends from season to season; remember your authentic personal style should always support your personal brand: the distinct manner you speak, behave and express your style. So as trends come and go, remain true to the core of your authentic self while snagging motivation from the trends that appeal to you.  While honing personal style comes more natural to some; every brandista is charge with cultivating...
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3 Feb

My Super Bowl Looks: Black+ Gray Strong

Super Bowl Looks
Time To Talk Super Bowl Looks.   I have my Super Bowl looks on deck, and I'm hype for Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas going down between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in just two days.  As a football fan, Super Bowl and its celebratory events are fun, fashion- forward occasions I look forward to attending every year. Touching down yesterday afternoon, I could sense a heightened aura of excitement throughout Houston. People were already out  in their groups, bumping music, and  full of enthusiasm. After grabbing a rental car and checking in at the Westin Oaks around 6:30ish, casually dressed in a pair of green cargo pants and a fitted black tee, I headed over to  a quaint dinner  with my hubby at...
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12 Jan

Powerful Daily Affirmations

Powerful daily affirmations
Use Daily Affirmations To Chase Your Dreams! We've kicked off 2017 and I'm serious about my daily affirmations and claiming 2017 to be our best year yet.  With an unwavering commitment to living and being my best self, and challenging you to do the same. I've created new daily affirmations and I would love for you to join me, really what do you have to lose? We've all read the research and know that the feelings we carry around and the thoughts that occupy our minds work in tandem to create the lives that unfold for us. Wow- think about what that really means. We have the biggest impact on the way our lives will unfold. And our thoughts and beliefs...
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16 Dec

My December Street Style

December Street Style
My December Street Style Is All About Cut-Outs. 'You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life,' so said Coco Chanel. A line of poetry every women who marvels at her life, and the possibilities inherent to her gushes at. I'm always seeking authenticity in everything I do, and my December street style was no different. I love dressing for my mood, and usually opt for simplicity, interwoven with touch a of my personality.  So although the season offers many fabulous cuts, colors, and fabrics for a girl to choose from, my more reflective spirit, and busy schedule swayed me towards softer fabrics, with earth tone accents. As habit would have it, I found myself sucked...
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13 Dec

Achieving Healthy Hair

Achieving Healthy Hair
Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair. Achieving healthy hair requires patience, knowledge, and consistency.  If you are starting a natural or healthy hair journey, start with your regimen. There are seven basic steps to a proper hair care regimen. The products and the order of the regimen will vary from head to head according to your hair type, moisture and protein balance, porosity  and maintenance needs. Incorporate the below steps to provide a solid foundation towards your healthy hair journey.   Achieving Healthy Hair Should Be Fun.   Shampoo – Make sure your shampoo does not contain harsh ingredients like sulfates (SLS), parabens, or mineral oil. If you are not aware of the ideal time you should go between shampooing, wash your hair once a week. Use...
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7 Dec

Wellness Tips: Superfood Plan for Optimal Beauty

End Of The Year Wellness Tips & Superfood Overload! Yes, another year has passed and we are another year healthier, thanks to all the wonderful superfood choices we made in 2016! In past articles I’ve discussed different types of Superfoods: nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for our health and well-being. Superfoods are great as beauty boosters also. Consider adding these superfoods to your daily meal plan in 2017 to super charge your beauty regimen and boast your energy. Superfoods I love that promote organic beauty. Breakfast: Turkey and Spinach Omelet Beauty Benefits: Skin & Hair This is my zinc boosting breakfast choice. Turkey, spinach, and eggs all contain Zinc, which is a mineral that has many beauty benefits. Turkey helps with maintaining collagen...
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