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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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3 Oct

The Best DIY For Kissable Lips

DIY For Kissable Lips
DIY For Kissable Lips Are The Best Ones. Every brandista craves nice full, kissable lips. People going under the knife to get full kissable lips but luckily we have options. It’s no need to go quite that far. There are natural beauty tricks for any and everything we desire, including a DIY for kissable lips. Here are 3 natural beauty tricks to boost your lip game this holiday season. Plump Pout – Not born with full lips or do you just want them bigger? Well it’s no need to see the plastic surgeon, just go in the kitchen and grab the cinnamon! Cinnamon is a natural lip plumper because it mildly irritates the skin on your lips, stimulating the blood supply, which...
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20 Sep

Wellness Tips: Juicing for Beauty

I Love Juicing & It's One Of My Favorite New Wellness Tips.   Brandistas I know you know the fabulous health and beauty benefits of juicing. I've been juicing for the last few years now and the benefits are simply refreshing. Juicing has become one of my favorite 'beauty past-times,'  I find it both relaxing and rewarding. The aroma of fresh fruit, veggies and herbs are so refreshing and relaxing. I get wrapped up in the smell and anticipating the benefits nourishing my body with clean vitamins and minerals. No secret, what we put into our body directly correlates to your overall health, energy level and outside appearance. If you’re a juicer , or down for trying its addictive. Great Juicing Recipes For Hair, Skin, and Nails. Grab your...
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16 Sep

Prepare For A Fabulous Fall: Natural Ways To Detox

Use natural ways to detox and step up your wellness game. Brandistas we know those tiny toxins are everywhere, from the foods we eat to the products we use and yes, even the air we breathe.  A build up of toxins can cause many irritating effects on your skin, think puffy eyes to dark circles, to unattractive skin breakouts and yucky- body odor. But don't fret we have a few great natural ways to detox that will have you feeling great in no time. Luckily, detoxification by the means of sweating and going to the bathroom are natural parts of our body’s daily functions.  Naturally our bodies  dump a small portion of toxins, so it’s important from time to time for brandistas...
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12 Sep

DIY Facial Moisturizer

My Fav Beauty Tips Is My DIY Facial Moisturizer For years, I have promoted my facial moisturizer and natural skin care regimes to women who have complimented me on my skin. I am always excited about sharing my favorite skin care products that are inexpensive, natural food products. Strangely, I felt like I was supposed to have some amazing hidden secret, when in reality, most of the products I swear by are basic. I grew up in a family that used natural beauty treatments for generations. From around age 12, to pamper my skin, I boiled water with a dash of olive oil and fresh flowers. I placed my face about a foot above the steam for 3-5 minutes with a towel over...
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5 Sep

Beauty Tips: Nourishing DIY Conditioner

One of the best beauty tips I can offer are DIY recipes.   As I continue to enjoy playing around with creating my own beauty products using natural ingredients, I will only share the best of the best DIY recipes. Authenticity to every brandista represents something different, for me its embracing things that are supportive of me reaching my personal best. With that, I go through peaks of experimental “all-natural” products and regimes, always attempting to embrace the healthiest lifestyle choices available. Transitioning to natural hair over a decade ago did not stop with my hair. It evolved into a lifestyle of incorporating “natural” and/or “organic” products as often as possible in everything, from my household cleaning supplies to the ingredients in the...
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16 Aug

Tips To Achieving Healthy Natural Hair

Are you on a healthy natural hair journey?   From the way you detangle your hair, to the types of shampoo and conditioner to use, everything you do to your hair affects the strands. While some brandistas are concerned about hair length, the health of the hair should be the ultimate priority. Consider these healthy natural hair tips to help you achieve and maintain your tresses.   Always use conditioner after you shampoo. Sometimes,  harsh chemicals in some shampoos strip your hair during the cleansing process. The conditioner helps to restore moisture and PH balance in your hair.  From time to time, you  can try a conditioner-wash instead of shampooing. Have your ends trim at least every 8-10 weeks as needed. We know most stylists suggest every 4-6 weeks, but if your...
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4 Aug

Letting GO Is An Art

Letting Go
Letting Go (And being OK!). In my life, as great things comes to an end,  “If you love something, let it go" is encouraged by family and friends. They claim, "If something is meant to be, it will come back to you.” But, how or why? For years, the suggestion was baffling. Why let something go, you love (or even like)?  Things that bring you immense joy; to risk the chances of it never returning?  By the way, I’m not just referring to relationships. I’ve faced situations where letting go resulted in career changes, re-locations, and even the deferment of some of my deepest dreams. The whole process was unpleasant, often leaving me feeling broken, incomplete or depressed. But, according to what I was told, those emotions shouldn’t have overtaken me; because everything...
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29 Jul

Faux Freckles, Faux Real?

Faux Freckles, Is Trending. Over the past few years I've developed a habit of scrolling through social media when needing a break from ‘adulting’. Last week, at the office, the need for one of those breaks hit like a ton of bricks. In the midst of scrolling, I came across a post from one of my dearest friends, Waverly McSwain, Freelance Make-up Artist, all about the Faux Freckles trend. Yes, faux freckles! It's a new summer beauty trend. Women are using make-up to create temporary, natural-looking face freckles. Of course, I felt intrigued, and had to know more! After sharing the post, of course I started googling.  I found articles on everything from application techniques, to freckle starter kits, and celebrities adopting the trend....
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20 Jul

Protecting Your Hair this Summer – The Sun Edition

Protect your hair this summer and watch your locks shine! My favorite season of the year is almost over, oh-summer, how I love thee! During the summer months  I find any excuse to get out of the house and bask in the warm weather. Warm weather is so soothing for me but it can be damaging for your hair if you’re not careful. The sun can be drying to our tresses and cause faded color, split ends and brittle, dull hair. Here are some hair care tips to consider in preparation for a great summer filled with lots of fun, sun and a healthy head of hair.    Get a Trim.  The sun will do extra damage to dry hair. The ends of your...
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8 Jul

Fit Happens

Fit happens when you decide to do the work. As a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed that often we become so focused on the work and worry of getting through the process of getting our health and fitness in order that we don’t always stop to fully envision what reaching our goals will completely look like. Although we certainly have our ‘eyes on the prize’, we don’t always fully take in what that  victory will feel and look like in our lives—and what our true reflection of the tough days that preceded it will be like. What happens when we see incredible progress in our fitness goals? Who will we become when we succeed at doing what we never thought we’d be able to do...
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