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Category: BrandistaTV

31 Jul

BrandistaTV: Dina Marto, Music Executive

Dina Marto
Dina Marto, Atlanta's Newest Music Executive   I sat down with my darling friend, Dina Marto, Music Executive and Owner of Twelve Studio in Atlanta.  Anytime I'm with Dina, there's never a dull moment, and this chat proved much of the same. I've always admired her spark for life, and the passion she exudes in talking about, and working on creative projects she believes in.  During our sit down Marto discusses her experience building and sustaining a successful career in the music industry. She gave us insight into her professional influences, personal brand, current projects; and of course her personal style. From the moment she launched her first public relations business targeting the music industry, this brandista has been grinding her way to the...
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6 Jun

Career Tips For College Graduates

Career Tips For College Graduates
Timeless Career Tips For College Graduates   As May rolled out,  a new class of college seniors are gainfully college educated and preparing to  leave their protective nests of home. As exciting  as entering the work force for the first time may be for some graduates, tackling the job market can be intimidating. Fret not, the good news remain 65% of employers say they do intend to hire recent graduates. With those promising numbers, the most prepared, diligent and consistent grads will be rewarded with the positions they're after. College graduates, and soon to be grads can use these Career Tips for College Graduates, I shared during an interview with 11 Alive on  landing a job on brand for their career goals. 1. Be Clear About...
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19 May

BrandistaTV: Drexina Nelson, Celeb Photographer

Drexina Nelson
Drexina Nelson Oozes Creativity   Drexina Nelson has the kind of creative talent that oozes from her pores. You know the kind you must be blessed to be born with? It can't be learned, taught, or practiced; it's in her heart, and it drives her existence. A week or so before her BrandistaTV interview, I caught the brandista as she had just finished an amazingly beautiful painting. Cheer brilliance, all raw, natural and self-taught (or God-given) talent.  Unquestionably, Drexina has the 'it factor' for talent. Day after day, she chooses to express her gift through the lens of her camera.  I know she would be incredible at whatever artistic endeavors she pursues, but I, along with countless others are very happy she choose photography. Her...
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14 Apr

BrandistaTV: Shinekia Thomas, Designer + Professor

Shinekia Tomas
Shinekia Thomas, SCAD Professor + Designer I had the pleasure of catching up with brandista, Shinekia Thomas for BrandistaTV leading up to our Dream Big Conference in Atlanta where she served as a panelist. This brandista represents a shining example of what can happen when you fearlessly  follow your dreams. After studying at Pratt Institute in New York, and working to gain industry experience with designers like Donna Karen and Thiery Muegler, Thomas moved to  Paris to explore her more artistic side. While in Paris and New York, Shinekia spent her time focus on building her credentials among fashion insiders in the industry. With experience working and thriving in two major fashion hubs,  Thomas discovered the confidence  to create her own fashion line: Shinekia Thomas...
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20 Mar

BrandistaTV: Sigele Winbush, Public Relations Manager

 Sigele Winbush Open Doors.   I enjoyed popping in at the Atlanta Ballet to catch up with their public relations manager, Sigele Winbush. On arrival for our chat, the studio was buzzing. There were little ballerinas prancing around from about 5 years old to twenty-something. Talk about a graceful, calm and peaceful ambiance. Ironically, Sigele herself happens to be quite graceful and contributed her own fair share of zen . Maybe it's a prerequisite for the territory. I was thrilled to receive a tour of the studios were all the magic happens.  After touring, the Sigele sat with me to catch me up on Helen Pickett's world premier of  Camino Real by Tennessee Williams. Not only did Sigele agree to sit on the panel for our...
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6 Feb

BrandistaTV: Interviewing Tips From Victoria Mitchell

Interviewing Tips
Interviewing Tips For Winners! I completely enjoyed chopping it up with my bestie Victoria Mitchell about the latest and greatest in the world of recruitment. She brought me up to speed on the best practices of recruiters from around the country. Victoria is a top recruitment manager in the Southeast. As a brandista always on the move going to conferences and seminars to increase her knowledge around different facets of recruitment. It appears every time we speak, she's either at a workshop learning more; or in the office doing training.  Oh- and let me not forget, weekly she finds herself in major corporations like Wells Fargo and Belk Corporation talking to managers about their hiring needs; and in turn, filling them. For me it was...
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23 Jan

BrandistaTV: Social Media Strategist, Ashley Blakely

Social Media Strategist
Expert Social Media Strategist. So you're wondering what's all the buzz around finding a good social media strategist? So many corporate and personal brands in today's Digital Era are driven by their digital presence. And, guess what? A big part of what shapes a brand is their social media. Plus there's more, not only does your social media need to reflect the brand you are online and off. Your social interactions should aim to both reflect who you are, and engage those you are connected with.  A social media strategist helps you identify the best topics and content to post to help you build or engage in social communities on the Internet.  Ashley Blakely is a princess of social media, public relations , and all...
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5 Dec

BrandistaTV: Nascar Driver, Nicole Lyons

Driving Force Behind Nicole Lyons Success. What a blast it was chopping it up with my girl, Nicole Lyons. We chatted on everything from her experiences growing up on the streets of Los Angeles as the kid of a race car driver; the first time she got behind the wheel of a hot rod; to her favorite fashion designers and personal style. Nicole Lyons exemplifies what it means to be 'like a girl' + I absolutely admire how this brandista  shows up, and out on and off the tracks. She's an inspirational reminder to us all that there's nothing we can't do with a dream, plan, and commitment to doing the work necessary. I've had the pleasure to work with Nicole and she's...
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5 Aug

Brandista TV: Public Relations Expert- Katie Kern

Public Relations Expert K.Kern Dishes On All Things PR. I love asking a public relations expert or marketing professionals their take on social media, and whether it's a function of public relations or marketing; and Katie gave me one of the best answers yet.  She support the school of thought that social media should be viewed as both a public relations and marketing function based on the brand's social media needs.  We discussed why Katie choose a career path in public relations and marketing when the majority of her family members choose career paths in medicine. As a founding member of Katie of Charleston Fashion Week she enjoys continuing to work closely with one of the Southeast's most notable fashion organizations. She shared a...
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