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Category: Personal Branding

20 Jun

Personal Branding: Self-Actualization Journey

The journey of self-actualization is a basis for personal branding.   According to Maslow’s Theory, the highest level of the human need is self-actualization, described by Maslov as everything that humans are capable of becoming. The theory concludes that we have three levels of needs: physiological needs, safety needs and the need for belonging and love. It suggests that once we have fulfilled our lower level needs, we can place our focus on self-actualization, and voila,  this is where your personal branding naturally begins to morph. During our journey through self-actualization, we gain the confidence to feel like we can do things well; we have respect for ourselves and others and we align the things we create with our own identity. Yes,...
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5 May

Personal Branding Tips For College Graduates

Personal Branding Tips For College Graduates
Personal Branding Tips For College Graduates Can Help Amp Up The Job Search It's May, end of the semester for college students and time to ramp up exploring the job market for those who haven't landed a position. Last May, I wrote a post addressing  today’s competitive job market, and shared a few personal branding tips for college graduates to  maximize their job search.  As another May rolls out, how should this class of graduates approach the job market to filter through its complexities? Consider the below personal branding tips.   1. Stay Clear About Your Goals Place  your efforts on the jobs and companies best suited for you and your career plans. Research everything there is to know about the positions and companies you are interested in. This showcases your level...
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12 Apr

Brandspiration: Jennifer Lynn Duncan

Jennifer Lynn Duncan
Dream Big, Brandspiration: Jennifer Lynn Duncan Jennifer Lynn Duncan, a Philippines native, grew up between Norfolk, VA and Jacksonville, FL as a Navy girl. The self-proclaimed “military brat” grew up playing sports and acting in school plays . She acted through high school in church plays and embraced her passion for fashion, which led her to attend Sessions Modeling Studio in Jacksonville. While attending Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology,  Jennifer concentrated in TV Production,  which began her fascination and career behind the camera.  Later with a B.A. in Film at the University of Central Florida in Orlando degree she starting working behind the scenes as a camera operator, technical director, and video editor for a major television station and  non-profit organizations in Jacksonville. Eager...
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2 Mar

Identify Brand Values You Can Commit To

Identify Brand Values For Success
Identify Brand Values That Will Grow Your Personal Brand. Brandistas, your brand values are the personal characteristics of your  brand. In personal branding, once you identify brand values, use them to manage the decisions you make. Brand Values should direct your communications and tone.  Whether you have a  business, blog, or use social media to build authority in your area of expertise, the message that you send needs to be consistent.   Think of it like this, your brand values are three to five key words that represents who you are and what you stand for. Identify Brand Values That Are Authentic. You have to decide what you stand for and what makes you unique if you want to build a strong personal brand. Oh, and...
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19 Feb

Creating Personal Brand Marks For Personal Branding Success

Landing Your Dream Job
It's easy creating personal brand marks! Incorporating these personal branding tips will lead to creating personal brand marks.  Brandistas you know that personal branding is your reputation, built by your character, capabilities and image. In its simplest form, personal branding is the emotional connections that you make with people in your network, target or audience. Your personal brand is how others will remember and perceive you: your mark.  It reflects your authenticity from the inside out; expressing your authentic self and embracing being the brandista you're meant to be. Use strategy in creating  personal brand marks. Personal branding is a strategic process that makes you an active partner in guiding the direction of your life. It's about how to bring the most value to your work;...
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26 Jan

Timeless Personal Branding Tips

Build your personal brand by implementing  timeless personal branding tips.   Own your name.  The first step in personal branding is  owning your name or brand association across the digital platforms in which you intend to engage your audience.    Reserve your name on the web and through social media channels. Whether you are branding your name, or an alias,  reserve the name that you are building your personal brand around; as well as, any brand extensions that are relevant to your personal brand.   Have clarity between your personal and your business brand. In personal branding you are the CEO. You make (and sometimes break) the guidelines for the most relevant ways to incorporate and share a balance of your  business and personal life.  Consider the rules and standards for your...
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9 Dec

Brandspiration: Dyandra Raye

A Chat With Personal Brand & Fashion Entrepreneur- Dyandra Ray   Tell brandistas a tad about  Dyandra Raye's personal brand? I'm Dyandra Raye, a fashion entrepreneur with a focus on wardrobe styling and custom closets. I started a styling service called  Styled by Dyandra in 2013 and recently co-founded Boutique Your Closet with my partner Brittany Arial. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, learning all about clothing and accessories as my Mom’s muse. I've always  had a knack for entrepreneurship!  I created a managed multiple faux businesses as a 5 year old, then post college I  pursued my dreams and became an entrepreneur. I started out on the corporate side soon realizing that I had an itch to be more creative in my...
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19 Nov

Personal Branding 101: Nailing Behavioral Based Interviews

  Behavioral based interviewing is an interview technique that continues to trend + it is an opportunity to more effectively leverage your personal brand.  It's a style of interviewing  based on discovering how the interviewees will potentially act in specific employment-related situations. Behavioral based interviews allow the interviewer to get closer to the essence of the interviewees' personal brand. Employers implement this technique to reveal past work place behavior patterns, as a means to predict future performance. Interviewees find that when asking open-ended questions, they learn more about the person they are interviewing. Behavioral based interviews allow the interviewees to talk more,  avoiding the closed ended responses of “yes” or “no”.  Corporations design questions they believe will help them uncover the best fit for...
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29 Oct

Personal Branding: 10 Interview Tips For Landing New Work

As college grads enter the job market,  college students search for internship opportunities,  or professionals seek new opportunities,  keep these personal branding best practices front and center.   10 simple personal branding tips to keep in mind that will increase your chances of getting the job. Let’s start from the beginning of the interview and continue to the end with some helpful interviewing tips.   1.       Every brandista does her homework on the company and the position. Have a clear understanding of the position you are seeking and be well prepared to discuss the value your personal brand will have in enhancing the productivity of the position. 2.       Preferably wear a blue or black suit. Wearing a suit allows you to keep it safe and simple to...
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16 Sep

Personal Branding : 10 Tips For Your Next Interview

It's springtime, the season of change, new beginnings and personal branding success!   Are you in the market for your next career move?  If yes, here are 10 personal branding tips to remember during the interview process. Let’s start from the beginning of the interview and work through the end to increase your chances of snagging the new gig! Use these personal branding tips for a quick brand boast. 1.      Do your  homework on the company,  the position and the corporate culture of the office. Have a clear understanding of the capabilities required for the  position; and be well prepared to connect the dots between the requirements,  your expertise and similar past successes you've accomplished relative to the responsibilities. 2.       Wear a dark...
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