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29 Jul

Faux Freckles, Faux Real?


Faux Freckles, Is Trending.

Over the past few years I’ve developed a habit of scrolling through social media when needing a break from ‘adulting’. Last week, at the office, the need for one of those breaks hit like a ton of bricks. In the midst of scrolling, I came across a post from one of my dearest friends, Waverly McSwain, Freelance Make-up Artist, all about the Faux Freckles trend. Yes, faux freckles! It’s a new summer beauty trend. Women are using make-up to create temporary, natural-looking face freckles. Of course, I felt intrigued, and had to know more! After sharing the post, of course I started googling.  I found articles on everything from application techniques, to freckle starter kits, and celebrities adopting the trend. When applied correctly, the technique produces a beautifully, natural-look.

Immediately I found myself pondering how women with natural freckles feel about the faux trend? During my  middle through high school years the perception of freckles wasn’t always a positive one. A number of my friends  had them. And, several didn’t love them. They hid the little beauty marks behind make-up. Through my eyes, my friends, and others alike with freckles, were not only beautiful and special in fact, their frecks highlighted their individuality and uniqueness. As I got older and it became “acceptable” to embrace your natural beauty, my thoughts on freckles remain unchanged. I’ve even from time to time felt envious of their angel-kissed faces.




I wanted a deeper perspective, and contacted two of my beautiful freckled-faced friends to gather their insight. Although, both friends have freckles, one’s freckles are distinctly prevalent around her nose and cheeks, while the other has them sprinkled throughout her entire face. Here’s the scoop on what they shared:

Amber Stewart is a Health Fitness Specialist and one of my best friends. As my college roommate; we saw a lot of each other’s natural selves-and I always thought the little freckles that covered her nose and cheeks perfectly matched her personality. She says, “It’s funny because freckles are a defense mechanism for the skin when exposed to the sun; so basically, [to me] people are coveting another’s imperfections, with attempts to appear more exotic through the faux freckle trend.” Amber shared how growing up, she liked her freckles, but always thought something was on her nose and would try wiping them off at times. All in all, the trend doesn’t really bother her she finds it a little amusing.

I took a stroll to the other end of that spectrum. I talked with my family friend, Shantel Herring, who is like a little sister to me. With Shantel’s face  beautifully covered with freckles, I had to hear her thoughts on the faux freckles trend.

“At first I was against it. Growing up, freckles were something I was teased for, and all of a sudden it’s a trend? Then I  realized that people always change their appearance for beauty. So,  I take it as a compliment. I’m glad that people are so accepting of freckles now; it makes me feel special to have them. I actually get more compliments these days than I did a few years ago. It’s kind of like people are obsessed now.”

From the outside looking in, Shantel always appeared very confident her personality is fun and edgy with accents  of boldness and strength. In case you can’t tell, I admire her. I couldn’t picture her any other way, but her response to my next question revealed a side of her that I’ve never known. I was curious to know when Shantel  began embracing her freckles and she said, “It happened in phases. High school was when I became more comfortable with my freckles; I was no longer ashamed to be in public. I developed the mindset that they’re there,  I must live with them. Honestly, it wasn’t until I was out of high school that I fully embraced them. It was around the time of my “big chop”- I remember because I was about 20 years old. I no longer had my long hair to hide behind.  I realized I was more than just different, as most people labeled me, I was beautiful. Aside from my freckles I’ve struggled other insecurities, and I’m still taking steps to accept everything about Shantel.”

Currently she’s enrolled in Cosmetology School. She plans to use her certification build her brand around  encouraging people to embrace who they are. “I want to make people feel beautiful, because I believe that everyone is beautiful. It’s just a matter of them seeing it in themselves.”



Ok! Remember the spark that ignited my passion for this piece was the Facebook post I stumbled upon from Waverly? So, what better way to conclude my  thoughts on the trend than some Faux Freckles application tips and techniques. The combination of Waverly’s vibrant, free and inspirational spirit coupled with her expertise as a Make-up Artist creates an insightful perspective.

“I love the trend! I think it’s a trend that pushes us to see the beauty in freckles…or sun spots. This new beauty trend allows women to test their creativity,” she said. Waverly describes the Faux Freckle trend as “an authentic girl living in a world that battles between being authentic and inauthentic.”

Trends come and trends go. “Because of the pre-conceived notion that freckles aren’t considered beauty, the general public is adapting  to this trend. I believe people will continually gravitate towards it, creating an upward trend, because it shines a positive light on natural freckles stating that you are beautiful BECAUSE you have them,” she added.




Application Process:


STEP 1: After washing your face, APPLY moisturizer (It’s important to hydrate your skin with a good hydration moisturizer)


Suggestions from the Expert:

Normal to Combination Skin- MAC Studio Moisture Cream or Embryolisse Moisturizer

Combination to Oily Skin- Oil Control Lotion by MAC or Embryolisse Hydro-Matte


STEP 2: APPLY concealer (as needed, for blemishes and under eye circles)


STEP 3: APPLY foundation with a Duo Fiber Brush (small to medium size bristle brush) Ex. 188 Brush MAC

Note: Sheer to medium coverage foundation give you a breathable and natural appearance


Suggestions from the Expert:

NARS Collection (Medium to Full Coverage)

Normal to Oily Skin- MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation or MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation (both containing oil controlling properties)

Maybelline FIT ME! Foundation


STEP 4: CREATE Freckles by using a pen point eyeliner or eyebrow pencil (long wearing not emollient)


Suggestions from the Expert:

Select 2-3 shades that match your skin tone, both Maybelline and MAC have multiple colors to achieve the Faux Freckle look.  She suggest variations of light and dark browns to creating natural looking freckles.


STEP 5: APPLY Freckles by dabbing around the forehead, cheek, nose and under eye areas of the face. Use your finger tips to press the faux freckles into your skin for the most natural result.

Note:Waverly recommends having fun faux freckle trend! There are no limits, but keep the frecks as natural looking as possible.

The trend is embraced most by millennials to women in their mid-30s,  but it does appeal to women of various ages. “Faux freckles are great for everyday wear, a night out on the town or just simply  having fun with the natural girl next door look.  It’s a very light look, but it makes a bold statement! And, it’s breaking the barriers of beauty standards,” she concluded.

I enjoyed getting their perspective on the trend, although somewhat different, their insights uniquely their own. There are numerous factors contributing to the insecurities we face (no pun intended) in our lives.  The most influential being how we believe we’re perceived by our peers. That very notion  sparked my interest with the faux freckle trend. Initially viewing the post on social media, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole concept. With some clarity from brandistas with beautiful frecks,  I can honestly support the faux freckles trend. I view it as a public demonstration of how embracing the exact things that make us unique redefines beauty unapologetically. How do you feel?




Amber S.

Amber Sumrall

Amber Sumrall is a beauty and lifestyle contributor with career experience in multicultural marketing, media and brand management. Amber has a Master of Science in Public Relations and a Bachelor of Science In Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi.

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