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17 Jan

First Lady Michelle Obama: Brandspiration

First Lady Michelle Obama

The One & Only First Lady Michelle Obama.

I’m forced to transform my own dismal emotion regarding the departure of First Lady Michelle Obama from the White House, along with the positive, promising, and inspiring narratives and images I became accustomed to seeing associated with her.  Whether standing beside President Barack Obama supporting his efforts, mothering Sasha or Malia, or working diligently on her platform to educate and empower girls, promote physical fitness for children, or tackle gun violence: she nailed it. As she eloquently fulfilled her duties as mom, wife, and first lady. Our First Lady, is and has exemplified first class every day for the last eight years. Her legacy will be nothing short of extraordinary, legendary, and game-changing for decades to come. With that, we’re forced to raise our  heads in this final stretch of this season, grateful for everything FLOTUS has shown and taught us. Like practicing, ‘go high when they go low’, staying focus on accomplishing the big picture, and always putting your best foot forward.

The Powerful Core Belief of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama’s own accomplishments in, and before the White House has been greatly influenced by her comfort with herself and a core belief of hers: never believe that there is a room you have no right to walk into. That’s the undertone of the  powerful message she continually addresses in her speeches to students, specifically at historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s), and to young girls around the world. Being raised by her stay at home mom, and father who was a pump operator for the Chicago Water department, she enjoyed a modest but happy childhood. Considering while working for the Chicago Water Department her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; he rarely missed a day of work. Watching his dedication, and knowing the hopes her parents held for her and her brother; early in her life, Mrs. Obama took ownership of  and worked towards her own dreams.


Thank You First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an interview with Vogue, Flotus shared how as a teen-ager from the South Side of Chicago she was told  she wasn’t “Princeton material.” Ironically, she later studied sociology and African-American studies at Princeton University, before enrolling in and  graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988. Her strong sentiment toward not allowing other people to dictate the rooms she had the right to walk into, is a very personal one. It’s a message that captures the essence of a critical chapter in her life, and one that built the foundation from which she proudly stands. With that, let’s be thankful for the opportunity to watch, feel, and experience first hand, how gracefully, stylishly, and strong the power of believing in yourself, and offering no apologies manifest. #LikeFlotus



Courtney Rhodes

Courtney R. Rhodes is an author, brand building and marketing strategist, and speaker with a passion for style, traveling, and sharing interesting and informative content. She is founder of The Brandista Guide + www.CourtneyRRhodes.com; a volunteer for women development and empowerment initiatives and a student of the arts, humanities, and the pursuit of happiness. Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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