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6 Nov

Flexibility Survives All Change


Remain strong through the storms of life,  you’ll always flow back to the top.

It’s been said “Flexible trees and people survive the storms of life”. Wow-so so true! Trees that are flexible enough to bend with the toughest forces of nature tend to not break.  Similarly, people who remain pliable during the ups and downs of life don’t cave in or crumble.

In every facet of our life, life  reminds us that change is the only constant. Seasons change, our roles and responsibilities of our lives change and people and circumstances around us change.  Our strengths and weaknesses are prone to change. Our prized possessions and positions of power  change. Our disappointments and dark times of despair will  change. Again, the reality is the only thing that is completely constant about life is change.  Brandistas that approach their lives grounded in  flexibility will not only survive but thrive through the natural ebbs and flow of life.

No matter what stage we’re at in life, we can never-ever underestimate the importance of flexibility in our bodies, mind or soul. From a physical standpoint, cultivating flexibility  enables our body to utilize the full length and potential of our muscles, it also significantly reduces the risk of injury during activity. Flexibility  increases the strength of our spine and core, while enhancing our blood flow and circulation. Moreover, flexibility helps our body to function well as we mature and experience every facet of change that occurs in our joints, muscles, and overall strength and endurance.

Flexibility of the mind allows us to be open to the positive in every situation. Often our perception of a situation is guided by our preconceived ideas. If we train our minds to look beyond our own limited eyes, we can begin to experience broader perspectives and hence possibilities. Likewise, when it comes to the strength of our soul, flexibility is of the essence. Whether it’s in our personal or our professional lives, our response to change is a bigger issue than any issue that exists. For example, having been in health and fitness for 7 years now, I’ve become  aware of and prepared for the impending decision of so many individuals to adjust their devotedness to their workout routine during the fall and winter seasons.  While I understand it’s not a personal matter to anyone except themselves, and it is not a fatal act of failure in their fitness aspirations.

The amount of people fitness professionals work with in the spring and summer seasons rarely mirrors the volume that remain active during fall and winter. In fact, fitness professionals and organizations are advised to prepare for the latter part of each year (September- December) to be a quieter time as the motivation towards developing and sustaining a fit for summer body is over for quite a few. We’re directed to plan for the arrival of the upcoming new year as aspirations are renewed by many of the same individuals who took a breather.  Why? Simply put, because change is a natural  part of the process.

From a personal standpoint, as much as I absolutely love my work in health and fitness, I would’ve never made it past the first year of being committed to my career much less now operating my own business in the 7th year if I were to allow my energy and enthusiasm in coaching individuals to adversely change with the inevitable changes other individuals choose to make concerning their fitness journey.  During the fall and winter seasons (no matter what facility or professional that they’re connected to) the influx of clients slow down.

All change is neither final nor fatal nor a confirmation of failure; however, our decision to cultivate and maintain flexibility in the midst of every adjustment can certainly determine whether we place an ill-advised finality on a temporary matter or a declaration of failure on what can certainly be impending success. Change is never meant to break us but rather mold us into the flexible individual who can whether every storm. In work, laugh, and win mode.

Sonia Trimble
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