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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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20 Apr

How To Keep Your Skin Happy

Your Skin

When Your Skin Isn’t Having It.

Today some uninvited guests  just decided to show up. Two perfectly round, red and rather irritating pimples just popped themselves up on the right  side of my noise.  Arghh! While I know that may not be a big deal for some, it annoys me. Granted the pimples aren’t anything a little concealer can’t cover up. I’ve learned that the condition of your skin is a direct correlation to what’s happening inside. And for me, pimples represent one of two things. Either, I’ve enjoyed too much carbonated drinks, or I’ve allowed stress to creep into my life. Given I’m not on a soda kick right now, I know the culprit is stress. During the final stage of wrapping my book, the heat was on. I’m talking sleepless nights and shower less days.  While I’m not playing, it tickles my heart how crazy a woman with a goal can become. So, while I’m certain, the pimples didn’t just show up, I just noticed them today.  Luckily,  Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living has officially launched, and today’s focus is all about re-balancing myself!

I think we sometimes forget that our beauty is the balance of what’s brewing inside: our energy, our health, and the essence of how we’re  feeling about ourselves. Mixed  with our physical care. No question, our inside and outside health are inextricably linked. With your skin being your body’s largest organ, it becomes one of the biggest indicators of what’s happening in our insides. While our  inner well-being isn’t always evident to those around us, the condition of your skin is and it has no obligations to keep secrets of our well-being, or lack of.

Talking Your Skin Off The Ledge.

With that, I started my morning off with a warm, relaxing, and intoxicating bath. I lit my favorite candle, added coconut and lime infused bath salts and lost track of time. I fully engaged myself in  enjoying the tranquility of what felt like hours of nothingness. I spent time reflecting over the last year of writing the book: the blood, the sweat, and the love I poured into it.  I thought about the last few weeks of non stop editing and leaving time for nothing else. I rehashed how I sometimes push my physical limits when I shouldn’t. I went through a myriad of  emotions, the last being elation. I came to feel and embrace  a sense of accomplishment and pride; and I allowed myself to let go in those moments. I wasn’t rushing to do anything, go anywhere, or talk to anyone. I just enjoyed being and feeling.

While I later gave my face lots of love with a great deep cleansing treatment infused with some rosewater; I knew the moment I stepped out of my bath- my mind and body were once again align. So my little pimple bandits will be forced to disappear in no time. No matter what goals you have, challenge yourself to put your well-being: your physical and mental health at the forefront of everything you do. We will only ever be as good as our own inner well-being and that is always a work in progress.




Courtney Rhodes

Courtney R. Rhodes is an author, brand building and marketing strategist, and speaker with a passion for style, traveling, and sharing interesting and informative content. She is founder of The Brandista Guide + www.CourtneyRRhodes.com; a volunteer for women development and empowerment initiatives and a student of the arts, humanities, and the pursuit of happiness. Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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