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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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About Courtney Rhodes


Women in flow with their authentic selves ooze a magnetic light of energy that when directed can lead to unlimited possibilities, collaborations and success,” believes Courtney Rhodes.





I’m that girl  believing everyone was born to experience life to their fullest. I know we all have special talents and gifts to share in the world, and that the power to cultivate lives with unlimited fulfillment lives inside each of us.  I absolutely LOVE ♥ sharing my career expertise and insight from my personal journey (that has had it’s fair share of extremely high-highs  and yes, rock bottom lows) to encourage and support other women to join me on this journey of creating our best selves:  staying true to and nurturing our most authentic personal brands.

As an integrated brand strategist, marketer and personal branding professional, I spend my days working with individuals and businesses to cultivate, direct and leverage (make profitable) the authenticity in their brands, so now it’s time for all BRANDISTAS to join me on that journey! Some things are just more fun with like minds! As a former General Sales and Advertising Sales Executive, I spent over a decade employed and consulting in radio, television, print, digital and outdoor media for  Clear Channel, CBS-TV, Uptown Magazine and iHeart Media. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed a wide spectrum of expertise in marketing, branding and advertising. In 2014, I  launched TheBrandistaGuide.Com as a culmination of my career experience, my personal passions and what I know is the gift I have to share in the world.  I’m in love with encouraging others to fearlessly follow their passions, through creating purposeful and passionate personal brands, careers and businesses.

I recognize that my life’s purpose is to share this insight and provide guidance to others through the strategies and concepts of brand marketing, effective communications and courage.  I’m that voice- politely nudging myself and crew to consciously cultivate and build  brands around a life we love! It will always be a work in progress, but when we are empowered in our lives, we are aligned with the energy that inspires our  highest representation of ourselves. I take immeasurable pride in encouraging women to embrace more of their genuine power using personal branding principles as that platform.

I love personal style and using my style sense as an expression of my emotions. I consider myself a lifetime student of the arts & humanity, new ideas and the pursuit of happiness. Here at The Brandista Guide, I share your stories, along with what I know through the content on this site, The Brandista Diary, Brandista TV, social media and speaking engagements.


Much Love, from Courtney Rhodes, one brandista who is excited about connecting with, collaborating with + celebrating with you!



SEPTEMBER 2015 | ATLANTAN Magazine.  Atlantan’s Women of Power & Influence: Courtney Rhodes.

Courtney’s Interview with Atlanta’s 11Alive- WXIA TV  May 2015| NBC-Atlanta

5 Things To Know About Courtney Rhodes…

1) I’m a reform tomboy diligently nurturing my feminine energy + my personal style revolves around denim and jewelry.

2) I love to mix vintage pieces into my wardrobe from Cavalli to local thrift store finds (especially treasures from the 60’s and 70’s)

3) I feed my soul through a daily routine of  meditation and affirmation prayer

4) My dream car is a candy apple red, convertible 65 Ford Mustang 289 V8 with bucket seats & white leather interior

5) My guilty pleasure is creating beautiful things, exploring new places and conversing with interesting people.


Courtney Rhodes Current Mantra…

I am a powerful creative spirit, co-creating my life by the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that I entertain.






Be Authentic, Be Empowered, Be Impactful = Be A Brandista !


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