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3 Feb

My Super Bowl Looks: Black+ Gray Strong

Super Bowl Looks
Time To Talk Super Bowl Looks.   I have my Super Bowl looks on deck, and I'm hype for Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas going down between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in just two days.  As a football fan, Super Bowl and its celebratory events are fun, fashion- forward occasions I look forward to attending every year. Touching down yesterday afternoon, I could sense a heightened aura of excitement throughout Houston. People were already out  in their groups, bumping music, and  full of enthusiasm. After grabbing a rental car and checking in at the Westin Oaks around 6:30ish, casually dressed in a pair of green cargo pants and a fitted black tee, I headed over to  a quaint dinner  with my hubby at...
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16 Dec

My December Street Style

December Street Style
My December Street Style Is All About Cut-Outs. 'You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life,' so said Coco Chanel. A line of poetry every women who marvels at her life, and the possibilities inherent to her gushes at. I'm always seeking authenticity in everything I do, and my December street style was no different. I love dressing for my mood, and usually opt for simplicity, interwoven with touch a of my personality.  So although the season offers many fabulous cuts, colors, and fabrics for a girl to choose from, my more reflective spirit, and busy schedule swayed me towards softer fabrics, with earth tone accents. As habit would have it, I found myself sucked...
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21 Oct

My October Street Style

Street Style October
My October Street Style. I'm head over heels for October's denim street style. There are a myriad of fabulous denim ideas this fall, and just not enough time and places to rock them all. Whether I'm dressing for a super casual day around the office, or 'swanking' it up for a night on the town, denim is my go to staple. This season, the biggest rave about denim comes from pieces that aren't traditionally made from the fabric. Personally, I'm loving the rompers, unstructured purses, and baseball caps. All things considered, my new favorites are edgier denim trends: they breathe life into my existence. No secret, I love reworked, ripped, and ragged denim. And, oh-lala, I've discover a new favorite pair. Not only am...
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20 Oct

Perfect Jumpsuit: Style Guide

The Perfect Jumpsuit
Paris And The Perfect Jumpsuit. I don't know if it's Paris itself, or my own obsession with the city and  shows featured at Paris Fashion Week, nonetheless, we're smack in the middle of it.  I've enjoyed watching my fair share of runway presentations.  My favorite part of the experience is cherry picking which niche-trend patterns featured, will eventually find their way into my wardrobe . Ta-da!  From there, I'll commit to a few staple pieces for the season. Season after season, that’s how it  pretty much works for me. A myriad of trends from Paris Fashion Week has my heart fluttering,  some standouts being military jackets, ruffles, more denim, jewel-toned velvet and one of my faves; the perfect jumpsuit! However, this season everything from the direction...
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15 Jun

Black And White: Style Guide

Black and White Style Guide
Black And White For Summer Few things are truly  black and white; but style is and it's hard not to indulge in the refreshingly stylish, black and white duo looks this summer offers. As an authentic black on black, or white on white girl; both are prevalent staples in my  wardrobe. I style myself around my mood, so as the even keel kinda girl I am, I enjoy swaying comfortably between black and white with a multitude of  grays and camel in between.  During cooler months, I sway towards clean, classic black pieces. My go-to, a tailored black suit with a black tank, funky belt and yes, a classic black pump or booty. Pointy toe and a skinny heal: an absolute must! The pointer...
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11 Feb

Style Guide: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day outfits
Thinking of fun Valentine's Day outfit ideas? Heart pounding love, perfectly blossomed red roses, the darkest of rich chocolates and a glass of my favorite bubbly- just the thought of Valentine's Day makes my heart smile. Yes, I'm a lover and I'm in for any opportunity to celebrate the many facets of LOVE. All the talk in the office yesterday centered around Valentine's Day outfit ideas when it's freezing out. So, just what will this brandista be rocking this February 14th? No secret, my personal style resolves around great white denim right now. My personal style is created around denim and white is my choice of color, or lack thereof,  for now. I've scored a few fabulous additions this fall, so I will...
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28 Nov

Style Guide: Charming Denim Trends

StyleGuide: Denim
Fall in love with the charm of fall’s hottest denim! Few things replace the feeling you get from slipping into the perfect pair of denim.  Luckily brandistas, this fall boyfriend jeans are still going strong. Whether they are throwback, rolled or capri jeans the perfect fit is key.  And- yes, a great pair of skinny jeans is a must in every brandistas closet. Go for fall denim picks that look great, fit comfortably and are versatile. Shake things up a bit and  rock a classy, suede pump with your most tattered pair, or a try a more classic look + some rugged boots. This fall I've indulged in a sizzling love entanglement with my favorite boyfriends- I challenge you to do the...
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11 Nov

Style Guide: Wine, The New Black

Rich Wine, Berry, or Vamp: Any Shade of Burgundy Brings Life To Your Personal Style.   I have always loved the rich hue of red wine. Partially for the aroma, the antioxidant properties but most notably, its rich burgundy hue. Burgundy has long been a favorite color of my personal style. For a few seasons, the luxe color has remained a staple for many of my favorite brands + Fall 2015 is no exception! Yes brandistas, rich wine remains the new black. Give your personal style a dash of new life with the addition a few great burgundy pieces. Opt for a fur vest in a deep wine color that hits right below the hips. Or, a bulk new burgundy scarf, a "vampish' colored nail polish...
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21 Oct

Style Guide: Falling In Love With Fall’s Hottest Denim

Fall In Love With Fall Jeans
A Brandista's Personal Style Love Affair With Denim   Fall in Love with Fall’s Hottest Denim! The one thing this brandista needs in her fall wardrobe is the perfect pair of  go to denim!  A great pair of jeans serve as the perfect base for most fabulous fall wardrobes. Nothing  replaces the feeling a brandista gets from slipping into her favorite pair of denim when they fit like a glove and feel fabulous.  This fall, skinny jeans are still going strong + there is a fab lineup of other flattering options.  If your personal style is anything like mine, your skinnies look great and feel comfy, but are ALL too predictable.  This fall, shake things up a bit and embrace the season's hottest...
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12 Feb

Style Guide: Valentine’s Day

What will your personal style rock this Valentine's Day?   Valentine's Day is almost here, so love and personal style choices fill the air. Have you thought about your style for the big day? If you're headed out for a special night on the town, or headed in for a low key night of rest and relaxation, consider these practical tips from our Valentine's Day style guide!  No matter what your plans are, you'll want to look and feel your absolute best. Office Wear Add love to your Valentine's Day work attire by incorporating a few subtle ways to celebrate the season. Instead of going with a hot red or pink ensemble,  opt for a few sweet love-inspired treats. Have fun with a heart shaped stud...
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