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23 Feb

Embrace Your Authentic Personal Style

Authentic Personal Style
Authentic Personal Style: The Power Of Presence In Your Personal Brand   We love fashion and the addictive nature of  watching trends morph from the runways of New York, Paris, and London to play out in our closets season after season. Fashion, by its very definition, is constantly changing: bringing us fresh inspiration. As you marvel at new trends from season to season; remember your authentic personal style should always support your personal brand: the distinct manner you speak, behave and express your style. So as trends come and go, remain true to the core of your authentic self while snagging motivation from the trends that appeal to you.  While honing personal style comes more natural to some; every brandista is charge with cultivating...
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19 Feb

Creating Personal Brand Marks For Personal Branding Success

Landing Your Dream Job
It's easy creating personal brand marks! Incorporating these personal branding tips will lead to creating personal brand marks.  Brandistas you know that personal branding is your reputation, built by your character, capabilities and image. In its simplest form, personal branding is the emotional connections that you make with people in your network, target or audience. Your personal brand is how others will remember and perceive you: your mark.  It reflects your authenticity from the inside out; expressing your authentic self and embracing being the brandista you're meant to be. Use strategy in creating  personal brand marks. Personal branding is a strategic process that makes you an active partner in guiding the direction of your life. It's about how to bring the most value to your work;...
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11 Feb

Style Guide: Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day outfits
Thinking of fun Valentine's Day outfit ideas? Heart pounding love, perfectly blossomed red roses, the darkest of rich chocolates and a glass of my favorite bubbly- just the thought of Valentine's Day makes my heart smile. Yes, I'm a lover and I'm in for any opportunity to celebrate the many facets of LOVE. All the talk in the office yesterday centered around Valentine's Day outfit ideas when it's freezing out. So, just what will this brandista be rocking this February 14th? No secret, my personal style resolves around great white denim right now. My personal style is created around denim and white is my choice of color, or lack thereof,  for now. I've scored a few fabulous additions this fall, so I will...
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20 Dec

Personal Style Icons: Style Of The Ages

Personal Style Icon Of The Ages
Timeless personal style. Personal style and beauty has been refined thanks to style icons of the ages.  Brandistas should embrace the uniqueness of their own personal style. In honor of all the amazing style influencers through the ages; we salute them! Lena Horne, Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Cicely Tyson, Claire Sulmers and June Ambrose are women who express their style in a timeless, and at moments, jaw-dropping ways.   Lena Horne Singer, actress, and civil rights activist Lena Horne exudes a natural beauty and confidence. Always dressed to impress. Lena's looks were consistent and classic. From her flawless hair and makeup, to her glamorous fashion choices her style kept us wanting more. The couture gowns Lena Horne wore commanded attention when she entered...
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15 Sep

Celebrity Style Icon: Taraji Henson

 I Love Taraji Henson's Personal Style And, Cookie From Empire: Urban Style Icon   Our celebrity style icon's first name means "hope" in Swahili and we sure hope to see more of Taraji P. Henson gracing the covers of our favorite magazines. Taraji Henson is red-hot right now, both her on and offscreen personal style is authentic and eye- catching.  I'm loving her role playing the sassy, ultra- dramatic character Cookie on the hit TV show Empire.  Recently, Henson flawlessly graced the cover of Allure Magazine for the July issue and the August issue of W.  Henson is officially a style star, according to Stefano Tonchi, W's editor-in-chief: “As Cookie, Henson has become an indelible pop-fashion icon,” he iterates in the issue. "Empire" fans, brandistas...
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12 Feb

Style Guide: Valentine’s Day

What will your personal style rock this Valentine's Day?   Valentine's Day is almost here, so love and personal style choices fill the air. Have you thought about your style for the big day? If you're headed out for a special night on the town, or headed in for a low key night of rest and relaxation, consider these practical tips from our Valentine's Day style guide!  No matter what your plans are, you'll want to look and feel your absolute best. Office Wear Add love to your Valentine's Day work attire by incorporating a few subtle ways to celebrate the season. Instead of going with a hot red or pink ensemble,  opt for a few sweet love-inspired treats. Have fun with a heart shaped stud...
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5 Feb

Style Guide: Black & White Contrast Scoring Big

Being fabulous by her own standards is a necessity for every Brandista, not just on the streets, but in the office too. Enjoy strolling through the office with an extra dose of confidence accompanied by trends that will  have you looking and feeling fantabulous. What in years past could've likely earned you a fashion police citation, this season could propel you to the best dress list. Brandistas, mixing textures nor wearing white after Labor Day are no longer criminal! While wearing white is a 'to do,' adding a pop of black offers a sleek contrast. Black and white contrast was a big trend during the fall shows, and we've seen its influence on everyone from A- list celebrities to doggie wear. While...
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28 Nov

Style Guide: A Lace, Peplum & Floral Production

Capitalize on our favorite trends of the season; lace, peplum and feminine florals.  We can't get enough of the floral designs, rather in skirts, jewelry or shoes we are digging the intricacy of the cutout details. In case you haven't heard, we love peplums, from the streets of Paris, to New York to Atlanta- we can't get enough peplum.  One of our favorite looks for the fall; the leather peplum top worn with an a-line or pencil skirt: an instant hit. Alternatively, the skirt is amazing with a wrap or blazer cut jacket that lays midway of the buttocks.  These flirty looks are sure to keep heads turning and a girls confidence booming. The delicate balance of staying warm, comfortable and...
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