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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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13 Dec

Achieving Healthy Hair

Achieving Healthy Hair
Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair. Achieving healthy hair requires patience, knowledge, and consistency.  If you are starting a natural or healthy hair journey, start with your regimen. There are seven basic steps to a proper hair care regimen. The products and the order of the regimen will vary from head to head according to your hair type, moisture and protein balance, porosity  and maintenance needs. Incorporate the below steps to provide a solid foundation towards your healthy hair journey.   Achieving Healthy Hair Should Be Fun.   Shampoo – Make sure your shampoo does not contain harsh ingredients like sulfates (SLS), parabens, or mineral oil. If you are not aware of the ideal time you should go between shampooing, wash your hair once a week. Use...
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20 Nov

Natural DIY Face Wash

My New Favorite Natural DIY Face Wash. A natural DIY face wash is my favorite skin care indulgence. Journeying  into a minimalist skin care regime, I’ve tried to eliminate the amount of unnecessary and toxic products I'd been using in the past.  I got to a place where I felt it was necessary to eliminate the soaps and face washes I'd previously enjoyed testing that didn't leave my skin with the healthy feel and dewy look I was after. Through experiment, my favorite natural DIY face wash has become the “Honey Cleansing” method.  I discovered honey is a natural, non harsh way to remove dirt and impurities from your skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils like a lot of other facial cleansers. Honey...
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5 Nov

Beauty Tips: Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling Offers Fabulous Beauty Tips To Start Using Now! Brandistas you’ve probably heard about the ancient Ayurvedic practice called “oil pulling.”  I first saw oil pulling covered on one of the daytime talk shows,  then I saw a story on the  local news in Chicago, and now it's all over  social media. So,  oil pulling is the method of swishing a natural oil in your mouth for 3-20 minutes in aims of  releasing mucous, bacteria, and toxins from your body through your saliva. Oil pulling comes from the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda,  meaning the knowledge of life. The Ayurveda practice is dedicated to healing the body with raw and natural ingredients from nature. In my research, I've uncovered an interesting  list...
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5 Sep

Beauty Tips: Nourishing DIY Conditioner

One of the best beauty tips I can offer are DIY recipes.   As I continue to enjoy playing around with creating my own beauty products using natural ingredients, I will only share the best of the best DIY recipes. Authenticity to every brandista represents something different, for me its embracing things that are supportive of me reaching my personal best. With that, I go through peaks of experimental “all-natural” products and regimes, always attempting to embrace the healthiest lifestyle choices available. Transitioning to natural hair over a decade ago did not stop with my hair. It evolved into a lifestyle of incorporating “natural” and/or “organic” products as often as possible in everything, from my household cleaning supplies to the ingredients in the...
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13 May

Secrets Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil: My secret beauty weapon and best beauty tip of all time! Yes, I should have a coconut oil endorsement because it is my absolute FAV beauty essential of all time. I love everything about coconuts and now its secret beauty oil. I gargle it, I lather it on my body and add it to my Phytojoba Intense Hydrating brilliance mask. For the sake of time let's just say- I LOVE ME SOME COCONUT OIL! Natural oil treatments continue to find themselves on beauty "to-do' lists and best kept secrets of women from around the globe. Coconut oil is used to help treat dry skin, lackluster hair, remove dirt from your face,  and even detoxify our bodies (oil pulling). There are so many beneficial...
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9 Apr

Beauty Tips: Superfoods For The Pearly Whites

 Beauty tips after beauty tips are sharing the love superfoods! Your smile creates one of the first impressions people from about you. All brandistas want a beautiful bright smile! Now pearly whites are possible with  without sitting in a dentist chair for a bleaching procedure. Want light bright teeth? Check out these superfoods and the natural whitening effects they have on brightening up your smile. Eat up on these superfoods for pearly whites. Say Cheese! The acid left behind from foods like soda, berries, caffeine, and citrus destroys enamel allowing pigments to penetrate deep into your teeth. To keep your teeth untarnished, enjoy a piece of cheese after enjoying darker colored foods. Studies suggest that cheese has a higher pH level that neutralizes the...
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15 Mar

Nourishing Deep Conditioner For Natural Hair

Few things compare to giving natural hair a good deep conditioning.   Yes, deep conditioners are excellent  beauty treatments for natural hair during the harsh winter months, whether you're rocking your natural hair in a protective style, in its natural state or  pressed, you can't go wrong with a great deep conditioner.  If like me, you've opted for a straighter look this fall + used blow drying and flat ironing, a  great hydrating deep conditioner to restore some moisture and strength is in order.  When deciding the right  deep conditioner for my own needs, I consider two elements, protein and moisture. What types of conditioner should I try on my natural hair?   If your hair is dry and not so damaged, try opting for a moisture-based deep conditioner for your...
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14 Jan

Beauty Tips: Keeping Your Hands & Legs Fabulous

Incorporate these beauty tips & keep your hands and feet as fab as your face. At the onset of the first laugh line, we run from pillar to post praying for that magic pill to reverse any signs of aging. Brandistas, are you paying enough attention to your overly worked hands and feet? A flawless face and wrinkled body whisper age secrets we don’t want the world to know. At all cost, avoid having your hands and legs reveal your best kept secret. Include these beauty tips of the ages and graciously continue to glow. These time-tested beauty tips will have your hands and legs looking healthy for years to come.   Keep in mind, beauty tips are no quick-fixes,  they are a series of small steps you can  consistently incorporate...
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19 Feb

Beauty Tips: Tips For Long Healthy Hair

3 Natural Hair Tips_TheBrandistaGuide
Of My Favorite Beauty Tips For Growing Long, Natural Hair These Are My Faves!   Patience, moisture and low manipulation are the biggest factors in growing out hair. It takes consistent, diligent, and purposeful care. Average hair growth across all races is approximately ½ inch per month, totaling six inches a year. Unless you have a medical condition that’s causing your hair not to grow or fall out, your hair is growing! At this point, you’re probably thinking,  my hair never grows past a certain point. That’s likely because your hair is breaking off  at the same rate as its growth. The difference between hair that doesn’t seem to hit or go past one’s shoulder and the girl with hair down her back...
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