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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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20 Nov

Natural DIY Face Wash

My New Favorite Natural DIY Face Wash. A natural DIY face wash is my favorite skin care indulgence. Journeying  into a minimalist skin care regime, I’ve tried to eliminate the amount of unnecessary and toxic products I'd been using in the past.  I got to a place where I felt it was necessary to eliminate the soaps and face washes I'd previously enjoyed testing that didn't leave my skin with the healthy feel and dewy look I was after. Through experiment, my favorite natural DIY face wash has become the “Honey Cleansing” method.  I discovered honey is a natural, non harsh way to remove dirt and impurities from your skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils like a lot of other facial cleansers. Honey...
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6 Nov

Flexibility Survives All Change

Remain strong through the storms of life,  you'll always flow back to the top. It's been said “Flexible trees and people survive the storms of life”. Wow-so so true! Trees that are flexible enough to bend with the toughest forces of nature tend to not break.  Similarly, people who remain pliable during the ups and downs of life don't cave in or crumble. In every facet of our life, life  reminds us that change is the only constant. Seasons change, our roles and responsibilities of our lives change and people and circumstances around us change.  Our strengths and weaknesses are prone to change. Our prized possessions and positions of power  change. Our disappointments and dark times of despair will  change. Again, the reality is the only...
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5 Nov

Beauty Tips: Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling Offers Fabulous Beauty Tips To Start Using Now! Brandistas you’ve probably heard about the ancient Ayurvedic practice called “oil pulling.”  I first saw oil pulling covered on one of the daytime talk shows,  then I saw a story on the  local news in Chicago, and now it's all over  social media. So,  oil pulling is the method of swishing a natural oil in your mouth for 3-20 minutes in aims of  releasing mucous, bacteria, and toxins from your body through your saliva. Oil pulling comes from the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda,  meaning the knowledge of life. The Ayurveda practice is dedicated to healing the body with raw and natural ingredients from nature. In my research, I've uncovered an interesting  list...
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24 Oct

Put Your Best Ab’s Forward

So you want flat abs? I still laugh out loud when I see this quip of advice, “5 sets of stop eating so much crap!” Exclamation point added for personal emphasis of how intensely I’ve wanted to scream this to the top of my lungs! With a banner, a jig, and a few cartwheels. B-r-a-n-distas, like so many personal trainers, some of the most common and persistent questions I receive is “What do I do to just firm my abs?” “What do I do to just flatten my tummy?” “What do I do to just get rid of this flab in my midsection?” Although my answer is frequently frowned upon because it blasts completely past senseless shortcuts, made-up secrets, and risky magic pills—I...
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16 Sep

Prepare For A Fabulous Fall: Natural Ways To Detox

Use natural ways to detox and step up your wellness game. Brandistas we know those tiny toxins are everywhere, from the foods we eat to the products we use and yes, even the air we breathe.  A build up of toxins can cause many irritating effects on your skin, think puffy eyes to dark circles, to unattractive skin breakouts and yucky- body odor. But don't fret we have a few great natural ways to detox that will have you feeling great in no time. Luckily, detoxification by the means of sweating and going to the bathroom are natural parts of our body’s daily functions.  Naturally our bodies  dump a small portion of toxins, so it’s important from time to time for brandistas...
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12 Sep

DIY Facial Moisturizer

My Fav Beauty Tips Is My DIY Facial Moisturizer For years, I have promoted my facial moisturizer and natural skin care regimes to women who have complimented me on my skin. I am always excited about sharing my favorite skin care products that are inexpensive, natural food products. Strangely, I felt like I was supposed to have some amazing hidden secret, when in reality, most of the products I swear by are basic. I grew up in a family that used natural beauty treatments for generations. From around age 12, to pamper my skin, I boiled water with a dash of olive oil and fresh flowers. I placed my face about a foot above the steam for 3-5 minutes with a towel over...
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5 Sep

Beauty Tips: Nourishing DIY Conditioner

One of the best beauty tips I can offer are DIY recipes.   As I continue to enjoy playing around with creating my own beauty products using natural ingredients, I will only share the best of the best DIY recipes. Authenticity to every brandista represents something different, for me its embracing things that are supportive of me reaching my personal best. With that, I go through peaks of experimental “all-natural” products and regimes, always attempting to embrace the healthiest lifestyle choices available. Transitioning to natural hair over a decade ago did not stop with my hair. It evolved into a lifestyle of incorporating “natural” and/or “organic” products as often as possible in everything, from my household cleaning supplies to the ingredients in the...
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2 Sep

Why Personal Branding Matters

Brandistas, personal branding matters and this is why. Have you ever wished you were more effective at crafting new business or professional relationships? Have you ever been  frustrated from feeling stagnate in your career or business? Do you sometimes feel like new opportunities are not coming your way frequent enough? Now ask yourself, "am I in charge of my personal brand?" Sure, you have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus a biography and perhaps a website + you make weekly posts and commentary on social platforms to stay  connected with your network. Now ask yourself, does that mean you are in charge of your personal brand? Remember, your brand is what the public: your clients, co-workers, boss, audience or organization say about you. It is...
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27 Aug

Me Incorporporated: Chief Marketing Officer for Brand You

Brand You! The most recognizable success stories inevitably are consisted of those people who have positioned their personal brands to stand out from the pack. As your brand you, let me point out, more often than not, the people who are regarded as the most accomplished in their spaces are not commonly the most talented, but  are indeed the most strategic at marketing themselves and their capabilities. As you craft you brand yo, commit to distinguishing yourself through creating the strongest image and reputation that is authentic to you.  Your personal brand has to set you apart and differentiate you. We are all so original in our lifestyles, behaviors and interests. So, be authentic and true to your capabilities, style, talents and commitments;...
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12 Jul

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand + Reap Rewards.   Brandistas, you represent are as much of a brand as Victoria Secret, Starbucks or Oprah. Just like you have a perception hearing those brands, others have a perception hearing your name. It doesn't matter the influence or niche, you bring to the table; you have things that are very authentic to you that brings value in the world. If you are employed by a corporation or run your own empire, your personal brand is how the people you interact with, or would like to interact with perceive you. Are you perceived as the strategic, account manager with leadership skills who loves volunteering with art projects;  or the pessimistic account manager, that complains often and contributes...
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