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8 Jan

Marketing Your Personal Brand In 2017

Marketing Your Personal Brand
How Are You Marketing Your Personal Brand This Year? There once was a time in the not so distant past where professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants could have been“invisible” without much linkage of their personal brand to the business they owned, managed, or worked for. How you were marketing your personal brand wasn't a hot topic. Those days of invisibility are passé,  and your professional development relies heavily on the awareness others in your industry have about you.   In 2017, if you’re not accessible, you aren’t competitive. Our ever-connected society requires having a relatable human, with a distinct recognizable persona a competitive advantage in today’s business landscape. Having a recognizable and valuable personal brand is the new normal for career development, almost as essential...
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7 Dec

Directing Your Online Reputation For Success

Directing Your Online Reputation
Directing Your Online Reputation Strengthens Your Brand. Directing your online reputation is more important than ever to your personal success. Today 'Googling' someone or something has become a part of our everyday existence.  Although the weight of your online reputation varies from industry to industry, its beneficial to everyone who cares about their own brand to direct the messages being sent about them online . As you already know, every tweet, post, picture, blog post or comment you make on your social networking platforms can very well be seen by your future clients, recruiters, or hiring managers.  I'm a big supporter of in person networking. Yet, I understand the value in leveraging the opportunity to maximize your personal brand's reputation online. I've enjoyed a few informal...
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12 Jul

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand

Brand Manage Your Personal Brand + Reap Rewards.   Brandistas, you represent are as much of a brand as Victoria Secret, Starbucks or Oprah. Just like you have a perception hearing those brands, others have a perception hearing your name. It doesn't matter the influence or niche, you bring to the table; you have things that are very authentic to you that brings value in the world. If you are employed by a corporation or run your own empire, your personal brand is how the people you interact with, or would like to interact with perceive you. Are you perceived as the strategic, account manager with leadership skills who loves volunteering with art projects;  or the pessimistic account manager, that complains often and contributes...
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14 Apr

BrandistaTV: Shinekia Thomas, Designer + Professor

Shinekia Tomas
Shinekia Thomas, SCAD Professor + Designer I had the pleasure of catching up with brandista, Shinekia Thomas for BrandistaTV leading up to our Dream Big Conference in Atlanta where she served as a panelist. This brandista represents a shining example of what can happen when you fearlessly  follow your dreams. After studying at Pratt Institute in New York, and working to gain industry experience with designers like Donna Karen and Thiery Muegler, Thomas moved to  Paris to explore her more artistic side. While in Paris and New York, Shinekia spent her time focus on building her credentials among fashion insiders in the industry. With experience working and thriving in two major fashion hubs,  Thomas discovered the confidence  to create her own fashion line: Shinekia Thomas...
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13 Jul

Personal Branding: Branding You

Personal branding isn't complicated. Personal branding is simply how you are perceived in the world, but remember, the most successful people in business understand that impressions, especially first ones- matter in every circumstance. In a nutshell, personal branding is how you show up in the world. It is the essence of your personal brand. Imagine if you could step outside yourself and observe you. Imagine yourself walking into the office in the morning. What is your energy like? How do you look? How do you make others feel? Are you confidently smiling, or looking like don't speak to me? Are you making eye contact or looking towards the ground? Are your handshakes firm or limp? Do you appear control in situations or not? Now...
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31 Mar

Rain Pryor: Brandspiration & Top Female Brand

I caught up with brandista, Rain Pryor, during her travels from a speaking engagement at James Madison College in Harrisonburg, VA on the move to the Annapolis Film Festival in Annapolis, MD. No doubt, the gifted daughter of iconic comedian Richard Pryor is a busy, multitalented comedian, actress, artistic director, singer, author and advocate. Rain builds value in her personal brand through fully immersing in her artistic crafts; while, making the time to give back to the causes dear to her through advocacy work and speaking engagements.  Her father suffered health complications from Multiple Sclerosis.  Before his death in 2005, Pryor and Pryor were able to portray a father and daughter dealing with the ramifications of the disease on CBS’s Chicago Hope....
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16 Mar

Brandspiration: Monica A. Smith

Monica A. Smith is a brandista whose personal brand is making a mark on the world by sharing her talents, gifts and expertise with the Veterans of America, the young people she serves and her community. Having earned a Master of Science in Marketing from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Towson State University in Towson, Maryland; she has sought out the perfect career path for her goals. This brandista brings tons of brandspiration in the way she maximizes her academic education with a rewarding communications career and what she strongly believes is her purpose in life. As a Management Analyst with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Washington, DC, Monica contributes...
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13 Feb

Monique Pridgeon: Our Top Female Brand

This beautiful, talented, and driven full-time professional model and commercial actress, credits God, her passion for performing, love for the camera and the support of her family and friends as the motivation behind leaving her nine to five, seven years ago, at the age of 33 to pursue her modeling dream. In developing and growing her personal brand she acknowleges her secret to longevity: taking care of herself from a health & fitness standpoint, making sure her marketing tools stay current, networking and always being professional and humble. Pridgeon is a brandspiration whose personal brand is as strong and inspiring as her career journey, she left a comfortable career working in the sales department for a television network in Washington, DC...
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31 Jan

Kris Cole, Our Top Female Brand

Kris-color-11 copy
BRANDSPIRATION: KRIS COLE KRIS COLE's  job is to share brandspiration all around the world! As a Brandista, and owner of  Kris Cole Image Consulting, she is a internationally certified image consultant and fashion stylist. Cole trained at the London Image Institute, as well as, holds a Bachelor Degree in Education and Sociology. She successfully runs the day to day marketing and operations of her business maximizing the relationships she have developed and the expertise she has garnered through the years working in  sales and fashion, speaking, and training.  Relationships, relationships, relationships- Cole uses her working relationships in the fashion industry to tap into an array of designers, fashion chains and experts to stay abreast of latest trends and provide clients access to...
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24 Jan

Adrienne Ware, Our Top Female Brand

Visit us at www.HauteCoutureMedia.com
Adrienne Ware is giving us gobs of Brandspiration with her new jewelry line, Adrienne Collection, which was recently launched in Atlanta 2013. Her line of beaded jewels are whimsical, culturally rich and eccentric. Adrienne prides herself in creating each piece with love from the passion she finds in her international travel of beautiful beaches and calm seas.  Using Art as her therapy, she channels passion in bringing to life unique, hand crafted jewelry inspired by the nature of our universe. The launch collection encompasses the lifestyle of the beach lover and the beach experience, from the glisten the morning sunrise reflects on the blue waters, to peaceful lunches at the favorite Isle café, through an evening dinner in town with your most...
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