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14 Aug

August’s Street Style: An Outfit Made For Fun

Outfit Made For Fun
With positive vibes + an outfit made for fun- let's go. Saturday I woke at the crack of dawn smelling the makings of a great day.  Rolling out of bed I pondered the perfect outfit made for fun.  My to-do's were exclusive of no limit fun with myself, girlfriends and my hubby- all in one beautiful, 75 degrees Chicago summer day.  Finally, I had a full Saturday planned with no work on my schedule and I was beyond ready to get it in. Full disclaimer, I have an interesting relationship with my workout routine,  enduring phases where I'm optimistically motivated to grind out a sweat with a jog, weight training or yoga session. Other days, I'd rather do anything but see a...
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14 Jul

July’s Street Style: My Summer Uniform Pieces

My Summer Uniform
Ohh brandistas, join me in giving a warm welcome to summer 2017! I can't complain about the mild winter we've experienced in Chicago this winter, still for too long- warm weather has been a  complete NO show. With 50 degree weather in  June and rainy and gloomy days after windy and chilly ones in July, I don't know who or what kept the warm weather hostage but I'm grateful she's finally free and here!  Perhaps with the chaos happening around the world, the season wanted to add a sense of her own humor so summer played 'hard to get'.  While, I can certainly appreciate both a lil' humor and  holding out to build anticipation for a big reveal, your girl has been...
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16 Dec

My December Street Style

December Street Style
My December Street Style Is All About Cut-Outs. 'You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life,' so said Coco Chanel. A line of poetry every women who marvels at her life, and the possibilities inherent to her gushes at. I'm always seeking authenticity in everything I do, and my December street style was no different. I love dressing for my mood, and usually opt for simplicity, interwoven with touch a of my personality.  So although the season offers many fabulous cuts, colors, and fabrics for a girl to choose from, my more reflective spirit, and busy schedule swayed me towards softer fabrics, with earth tone accents. As habit would have it, I found myself sucked...
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21 Oct

My October Street Style

Street Style October
My October Street Style. I'm head over heels for October's denim street style. There are a myriad of fabulous denim ideas this fall, and just not enough time and places to rock them all. Whether I'm dressing for a super casual day around the office, or 'swanking' it up for a night on the town, denim is my go to staple. This season, the biggest rave about denim comes from pieces that aren't traditionally made from the fabric. Personally, I'm loving the rompers, unstructured purses, and baseball caps. All things considered, my new favorites are edgier denim trends: they breathe life into my existence. No secret, I love reworked, ripped, and ragged denim. And, oh-lala, I've discover a new favorite pair. Not only am...
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20 Oct

Perfect Jumpsuit: Style Guide

The Perfect Jumpsuit
Paris And The Perfect Jumpsuit. I don't know if it's Paris itself, or my own obsession with the city and  shows featured at Paris Fashion Week, nonetheless, we're smack in the middle of it.  I've enjoyed watching my fair share of runway presentations.  My favorite part of the experience is cherry picking which niche-trend patterns featured, will eventually find their way into my wardrobe . Ta-da!  From there, I'll commit to a few staple pieces for the season. Season after season, that’s how it  pretty much works for me. A myriad of trends from Paris Fashion Week has my heart fluttering,  some standouts being military jackets, ruffles, more denim, jewel-toned velvet and one of my faves; the perfect jumpsuit! However, this season everything from the direction...
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