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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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10 Tips for Long Healthy Hair
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2 Jan

Wellness Tips: Organic Beauty Is A Lifestyle Choice


Organic beauty is a lifestyle choice brandistas are making.


“Going Green”, “Eco Friendly”, “Sustainable”, “Natural” are often concepts placed in the fad category. However, with our government, corporations, and younger generations jumping on the bandwagon of a healthier,  more sustainable life, if this is a fad,  it’s not  going away anytime soon. A part of loving yourself is treating yourself to organic foods and products that nurture you and  work to balance the natural chemistry of your body.  Once you get into this lifestyle, you realize it’s just smart + Mother Nature is no one’s fool.  When I realized how many things I can do with something as simple as a lemon, vinegar, and my personal favorite Coconut Oil, I was floored. It naturally lends you to a more minimalist lifestyle that ultimately saves you money, time, and is a healthier option.

We are embracing organic beauty for a healthier lifestyle.


I choose to title this post,  Wellness Tips: Organic Beauty, A Healthier Lifestyle, because its my new truth and the truth of many Brandistas I know. If you adopt any part of the organic beauty regimen you have no reason to go back to those ‘uneducated days’ of toxicity, an overload of chemicals and cliche marketing gimmicks.  Start with my new BFF, Coconut Oil, if you can clean your makeup off with it, the same oil that you use to effectively moisturize your hair or cook using a healthier oil option, why would you choose to go out and buy unnecessary makeup wipes, processed oils, or some moisturizer with 25+ ingredients? If you can use Honey (the same honey that you use in your evening tea) to get clear skin, why bother with  random products just because they are packaged beautifully on the drugstore shelf?  Everything you need to begin exploring this lifestyle is probably already in your kitchen!

Organic Beauty isn’t about giving up anything; it’s about finding the best, most natural and healthy lifestyle solutions for what you already do.

Ashley Blakely
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